Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Are There So Many Birth Defects In India Why Are There So Many Cases Of Conjoinment And Birth Defects In India?

Why are there so many cases of conjoinment and birth defects in india? - why are there so many birth defects in india

I saw a documentary gepgraphic Indian national and has many children from different countries and birth defects - the presenter just said, "are common at Neelam, and then showed a flash of lightning seen a girl with 4 arms!

I know that diet is in some parts of India's poor - really, why these errors occur?


themrmik... said...

right at the top of my head. The only place where everything grows.

I would say there are many reasons to challenge the result.

Malnutrition is a

a degree of inbreeding is often (they remain in their caste)

I know a great environment as to where and how food is grown. common is the use of untreated animal and human waste directly into the fields in contact with water irrigation.

and I think they have a very old pool of genetic diversity is very low.

They all contribute to your situation.

every biologist at other ideas?

see_ya said...

could be for several reasons.
one of them may be because India (as some other countries) there is an abundance of incest between relatives and other relatives, this can lead to birth defects. Even a poor diet or chemicals in contaminated water can cause interference of others. I personally think it has to do with incest, a family to give the traditions, which can cause these problems not only in India but in other countries.

oohooooh said...

There are many ideas?
Apparently, India has a large number of these problems .... yet! in Africa is so poor .... no problem.

They said that because of their many gods laugh, many people in the face of God .... that most people follow.

Not with this idea, the trouble because I just want to say what some people believe that the reason ... can be.
If you are, how mean the Indians See also interact with each other and) their own ideas, (Killig family do not always have to punish these crimes.
Lack of awareness, and also believe in the gods with 8 hands of God for themselves! and cows are kept and holy.Rats
Cockaroaches same !!!..... If you follow the word of God in
Holy Bible ... You see, it brings Hellos wrath of the people who do exactly what the Indians have and always.

Becky said...

Not only food, but the fact that drug use there, as in many other countries (including this one is very common). The first drug that comes to mind in India to prevent the abuse of opium, but I think, like many other drugs are there?

Who knows? There are many factors which may prevent the embryo and fetus, the consumption of snuff, there also is widespread.

Maxben said...

My hypothesis is that its because there are many have died. Even a small percentage of the possibilities is large if the population is enormous. Note that China has more people, but they are a child.

mel said...

Ignorance, lack of hygiene, to change the stubbornness. are all factors.

Thumbs down means that you agree, but I do not know.

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